Oratorio Chorale

Corporate and Foundation Grants

The Oratorio Chorale seeks the support of businesses and foundations through an active program of research and grant applications. Grants received support concert costs, access to performances for community members, purchase of needed equipment and development of resources such as this website, and outreach programs.

The Chorale deeply appreciates the support of these businesses and foundations that provided grant support for our 2011–2012 season.

Androscoggin Bank (concert support)

Alfred Nash Patterson Grant, Choral Arts New England (Orchid Ensemble residency)

Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust (concert support)

Sam L. Cohen Fund (Orchid Ensemble residency)

The Davenport Trust (access to the arts for Bath-area residents)

The Davis Family Foundation (concert support)

The Alfred M. Senter Fund (website development)

Wing-Benjamin Trust (concert support)

For more information on grants, please contact us at support@oratoriochorale.org or call (207) 725-4258.