Online Tickets

Brown Paper Tickets handles all our advance ticket sales. We no longer sell tickets at local venues nor are tickets for sale from Chorale members. To purchase tickets you can:

  • or call Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006.

We suggest that you review information in our season brochure or on our Concert Season page to decide which performances best fit your schedule. Basic information about each performance is given at, but you may find it easier to make your selection if you have already noted your preferred date, time, and location.

1. Each concert is listed individually by performance date, time, and venue. (Note that the Season Pass is listed first; see instructions below re choosing specific concerts for your season pass.)

2. Choose the concert you wish to attend. Click “View Event.” Note location, date, and time. You will see a brief concert description plus ticket choices.

3. Choose the number of tickets you want in each category (adult, student, child). As in the past, children are admitted free of charge but must have a ticket. Note: Children’s tickets are only available as Print-At-Home or Will-Call.

4. Now choose how you want your tickets delivered (Will-Call, Print-At-Home, or Physical Tickets mailed to you). There will be a list of Will-Call ticket holders at the door; please arrive early enough to check in. If you print your ticket at home, please bring it with you.

5. Go to checkout and follow the prompts to fill out your information and your credit card info.

6. If you are buying a season pass you will be given the opportunity to select which of the Messiah, Fauré, and “Meditation through Music” performances you want to attend. This happens after you fill in your name, address, and credit card information. You will have an opportunity to review your choices. At that point, your order is completed. If you need to change your order, you can cancel the reservation and a credit will be issued to your credit card. You may find it easier to order season tickets by phone: 1-800-838-3006.

Season Pass tickets are only available as Will-Call. You will receive an email receipt with the details of your purchase for your record.

7. Will-Call tickets: House staff at the concerts will have a list of reserved will-call tickets, but in case of questions, please do bring your e-mailed receipt with you to each of the three concerts you will attend.

8. If you wish to buy discounted group tickets (10 or more) for an organization or affinity group, contact Carrie Strasburger at, or call 207-577-3931.

9. Door tickets: Tickets will be available at the door on a space-available basis. Prices are as described above. We can accept credit card payment at the door.

If you have further questions, please call Carrie Strasburger, Ticket Manager, 207-577-3931.