Oratorio Chorale


Membership in the Oratorio Chorale and in our women’s chorus, Sweetest in the Gale, is by audition. We seek members whose enthusiasm for performing great music translates to regular attendance and practice between rehearsals.

Key qualifications include prior choral experience, ability to match pitches, ability to adjust singing so as to follow directions, and love for ensemble singing, with the willingness to work toward group sound.

Auditions for new members are scheduled once a year but may also be arranged by appointment on an as-needed basis. We encourage anyone interested in singing with us to contact us at any time, and one of us will respond promptly to arrange an appointment.

For further information, email us at members@oratoriochorale.org.

Annual membership dues are $60.00, and singers purchase their music scores for most concerts.  However, financial duress will never bar qualified singers from joining.